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Toward the end of March, beginning of April, I was at I-Con 31, and there were many, many hilarious things that happened.

For one, the lovely Mage Mistress (of Magemistress.com) got vengeance upon me for my Aenaiyah the Acanthus antics by playing an Acanthus herself in my Mage: The Awakening one-shot. The Big Bad in that module was tossed around, beaten like a piñata, and tricked into thinking success was failure and failure was success–meaning when he did successfully manage to navigate himself to the ground after having being levitated, he promptly fell over, convinced he had failed.

The Rippers (a Savages Worlds setting) game I ran was hilarious in another way–my NPCs kept rolling rocks. Picture this: a dim-witted PC goes to pick up a (possibly animated) stuffed owl to see if there is a key underneath it. The owl, ticked off, starts clawing at the PC. It doesn’t manage to hit him, but flies off to warn Master “THE PCS ARE COMING! THE PCS ARE COMING!” Naturally, I then promptly forget about the owl until we’re a few rounds into the fight. The Dim-Witted PC is engaged against an animated terra cotta warrior. The angry owl swooped in for an attack and . . . rolls a natural one. So, as the owl is swooping in, the terra cotta warrior raised his sword and impaled the bird. The owl–being that it was enchanted and not actually alive–proceeded to flail and flap its wings helplessly until the terra cotta warrior (who then also rolled a one on his attack) and it were crushed from debris falling from the ceiling (which had a massive hole in it thanks to a Magician PC).

Then I got to play in a Hunter: The Vigil game run by the lovely Mage Mistress.

Normally my characters are fairly smart. I like being able to think in a game. This time, however, I was playing a not-so-intelligent iron worker named Carla. Carla was a bit superstitious, big-hearted, and dumb as a sack of bricks unless it involved iron working or hitting things with her wrench.

Late in the game Carla was guarding the Medic as the Medic tended to a group of subway crash victims. The rest of the Hunters were either hauling people up out of the sinkhole the subway train had crashed into or investigating the sounds of a fight a little further down in the sinkhole. The group investigating the fight (including the Cop and the Demolitions Guy) decide now is not the best time to get involved in a fight–there are people that need help. Carla, who has finally made sure the Medic is OK, goes walking down where the Cop and Demo Guy have gone, hears the scuffle, and goes running past Cop and Demo Guy (as they’re casually walking back towards where the injured people are). Assuming they haven’t heard the ruckus, Carla shouts “There’s a fight that way!” as she runs off past them.

Cop and Demo Guy presumably make this face:

. . . and go running after Carla.

Carla is the first to see the fight between the Werewolf and the Giant-Spider-With-A-Woman’s-Face and, because of her keenly honed Hunter instincts (AKA: “HOLY SH*T, THAT’S A BIG M*THERF*CKING SPIDER!”) she immediately charges in to wail on the Azlu with the only weapons she has: her wrench.

Surprisingly Carla and all her friends survive the encounter, but not before Carla falls face-first into a bunch of Spider-Host spawn, the Medic makes a massive bomb out of random chemical supplies, and one of the other hunters attempts to torch some possibly Azlu-infected bystanders in the face with a flamethrower.

And people wonder why I find RPGs so entertaining.