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Now that I’ve gotten a few amusing stories under my belt, I thought it best to give a little background on some of the characters that will frequently get mentioned here, starting with the one nearest and dearest to my heart, Aenaiyah.

Aenaiyah is a character who already has a somewhat infamous internet reputation thanks to Mage Mistress and her blog. Aside from being one of the Greatest GM Banes in the Mistress’ campaign, Aenaiyah has the auspicious(?) title of being the first character I ever created for an RPG involving dice.

Stat Sheet:

Name: Aeniayah (Pronounced Uh-NAI-Yuh)

Brief Character Concept: Eccentric British writer and Acanthus (Time/Fate) Mage of the Mysterium.

Distinguishing features: Short, spiky purple hair; tendency to wear brightly colored clothing.

Aenaiyah: The Most Infamous Acanthus Mage on the Internet

A recent doodle of the troublemaker in question.

Accent used while playing Character: My own brand of bastardized London-British.

Cabal: The Shepherds

Known Associates: Argus (Obrimos, Guardian of the Veil/Fail), Arrow (Thyrsus, Silver Ladder), Damien (Mastigos, Free Council, possibly soon-to-be Guardian), Neils (Obrimos, Free Council) Rex (Moros, Free Council), Riff-Raff (Moros, Free Council?)

System; Setting: New World of Darkness; Mage:The Awakening

Personality: Aenaiyah really does embody the Acanthus tarot card of the fool, jumping into situations and making the plan up as she goes along. She’s loud and chatty and has on several occasions talked enemies to death. She’s quite protective of her Cabal and people she considers “family” (including a couple of Consilium higher-ups who dread getting her phone calls). As often as Aenaiyah does dumb things, she’s actually a very smart character, and gets herself and others out of trouble as often as she gets them into it.

Specialities: Poscognition (seeing into the past), navigating via Fate-lines, throwing her Death Kitty (a.k.a. her embodied cat familiar, Noel) at enemies, making Mage Mistress weep.

I originally came up with Aenaiyah back in college. Her shadow name actually came from my mispronunciation of the name of a super-cheap perfume I had in high-school (I’m not much of a perfume person, really. . . . ). I thought the name “Aenaiyah” sounded much cooler than whatever it actually was supposed to be. I used her in a couple of campaigns that died before they really got off the ground. I tried to incorporate her into a couple of novel ideas, but those never worked out either. Then Mage Mistress and a couple other GMs decided to run a World of Darkness Parallel Campaign with a table each of Mages, Werewolves and Vampires. I JUMPED at the idea of finally getting to play the wild purple-haired Acanthus in a long-term campaign, and I’ve been driving Mage Mistress nuts ever since.

The Parallel Campaign is, sadly, no longer parallel to anything–the Vampire table disappeared very early on and the Werewolf table finally bled enough players without picking up any new steady PCs that it wasn’t practical to keep it going. However, the Mage table is still going strong–and the stories that come from that game are priceless.

Much more extensive campaign summaries and insights into Aenaiyah and The Shepherds can be found at Mage Mistress’ blog, since she runs the campaign.

This Thursday you can return here for If at First You Don’t Succeed . . . a retelling of one of Aenaiyah’s less-than-finer moments.