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Aenaiyah and her cabal, The Shepherds, spend an awful lot of time in pubs.

Perhaps this is because Aenaiyah (under the fake name Emily Brown) works in a pub called “The Hole in the Wall,” based on NYC’s The Ginger Man.

Perhaps it’s because strong spirits help you forget dealing with traumatizing supernatural things like . . . er, strong Spirits.

Perhaps it’s because The Shepherds enjoy an alcoholic beverage now and again, like other mature adul–Hahahahaha! I can’t even get through that sentence with a straight face.

In truth, The Shepherds just like to have a good, completely irresponsible time every now and again, and since that usually means Mage Mistress doesn’t have to plan anything for that part of the session, she lets us roll with it.

And so, PCs who can bend the universe to their will get drunk and hilarity ensues.

During this particular visit to the pub, Aenaiyah was looking to get blitzed. Her sister, Betsy, had been kidnapped by Seers of the Throne, and Aeniayah knew that at any moment the Seers might force her to take an Oath to save her sister’s life. However, the seers hadn’t contacted them yet, and Shepherds weren’t expecting to get any leads on Betsy’s whereabouts for a few days. Even the Fate lines were tangled up so that there was nothing Aenaiyah could do about the situation. Except, of course, drink.

Argus’s player made the foolish mistake of taking off early that day, making the tightly wound but at-that-moment playerless character a prime target for pranks being pulled by the other Shepherds. Damien, our Mastigos, decided the whole cabal could use a laugh, and reached out with his mind powers to take over a large group of the people in the bar–including Argus, since Mage Mistress rolled his resistance and he failed. Once he was satisfied with the number of people under his psychic control, Damien put The Time Warp from Rocky Horror on the jute box, and turned all the mind-controlled patrons into a flash-mob dancing along with the song. Eventually some of the non-mind controlled patrons (including Aenaiyah and several of the other Shepherds) began dancing along as well.

Then the well-and-fully drunk Aenaiyah–who had been failing her rolls to hold her liquor all evening–decided that the mind-controlled, dancing Argus deserved a few singles tucked into his pants.

She failed the first roll, missing him completely and nearly falling over.

She was still tipsy enough to try a second time. The second roll went much as the first did.

At that point Aenaiyah was ready to give up. Then, as she blurted out to her compatriots, “If ast furst shyou don’t succeed, tshry, tshry ashgain!” which, to her drink-addled brain meant she was obligated to give it “One shmore go!”

She did not fail this roll.

She botched it.

This meant the drunken Aenaiyah wound up with her hands down the front of Argus’s pants. She was too blitzed to be embarrassed; she smiled at him and laughed it off.

When she remembered everything in excruciating detail the next day it was a different story. . . .