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Valeria de Valfierno was my first Pathfinder character. For some reason, D&D and I never got along–as soon as D&D is mentioned, my dice roll natural ones like it was required–but I enjoy Pathfinder immensely. Valeria’s surname, de Valfierno, came from Edurado de Valfierno, the man who masterminded the theft of the Mona Lisa just so he could sell forgeries of the painting.

Stat Sheet:

Name: Valeria “Val” de Valfierno

Brief Character Concept: Gypsy-like thief, storyteller, and somewhat unlikely hero.

Alignment: Chaotic Good(ish) at least enough so that Cayden Cailean has decided she’s worthy of his attention. . . .

Distinguishing features: Wavy black hair, violet eyes, and catlike grace.

Accent used while playing Character: Female Inigo Montoya by way of Puss in Boots.

Adventuring Group: Cailean’s Aces

Known Associates: Isern (dwarven cleric of Milani), Jerek (half-elf ranger, womanizer, and drinker), Elias (human summoner), Vix (Elias’s eidolon)

System: Pathfinder

Personality: Valeria started out as a somewhat callous rogue, wanting only to hunt down the man who had stiffed her when he’d hired her to steal something, but along the way (and with some guidance for the handsome Chaotic Good God Cayden Cailean, aka The Lucky Drunk) she’s grown a conscious. However, Val is a cautious rogue, and knows that a dead party can’t be useful, but one live rogue could decide to get the party members she likes resurrected . . . if she’s so inclined. She likes to spin stories to bolster her reputation and the reputation of her party, which she named Cailean’s Aces without anyone else’s input. Val has a tendency to do everything with an artistic flair, even once spending an extravagant amount of money for a feast to help one town celebrate the lives of those lost to a terrible plague that the Aces were finally able to put a stop to.

Specialities: Pickpocketing, lock-picking, spinning tales, talking herself into and out of trouble, stabbing things.

Val is, unfortunately, currently awaiting resurrection (see this coming Thursday’s post, Flash Frozen: The Death of Valeria de Valfierno) but I expect she’ll be back dungeon diving sooner rather than later. Like most of my characters, she was intended to be run in a different campaign, and then wound up in the mess she’s currently in instead.

Initially I was playing Val as the in-it-for-herself, Chaotic Neutral Rouge. However, if there’s one thing that I always enjoy, it’s letting the game change the character. There were several events early in the campaign that steered Val towards the idea that “This hero stuff is actually pretty cool–people like you and they give you things for free, no stealing involved!” There’s a lot of ribbing and bickering that goes on between the members of Cailean’s Aces, but for the most part Val likes her companions. They’re united in their purpose to conquer Rappan Athuk, The Dungeon of Graves in order to stop Orcus from rising to power and destroying the world.

Now if the rest of the Aces would hurry up and bring her back to life so Cayden Cailean and Orcus aren’t playing tug-of-war with her soul, that would be great.