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As a Role-Player, the thing I enjoy the most is telling an entertaining story. Well, that and funny accents. Well, that and funny accents and confusing the heck out of my GMs.

Somehow, no matter how insane my ideas get, they tend to, well, work.

In no particular order (and not all executed by the same character) here are some insane ideas that I have implemented in various games:

  1. Insulting a spirit to death.
  2. Ignoring a spirit to death.
  3. Holding myself (as a character) hostage to stop someone from massacring a room full of innocent people.
  4. Walking into a room of sky-pirates who have captured a feline-person companion of mine, shouting “GENTLEMEN, THAT’S MY CAT!” and opening fire.
  5. Taking a wrench to the knee of a giant spider
  6. Bringing a bunch of animated Celebrity Death Matchpuppets home and teaching them how to tend bar.
  7. Warping time to get stabbed by a knife meant to kill someone who probably wanted me dead.
  8. Walking into a madman’s mind (to be fair, not ACTUALLY my idea but I went along with it. . . .).
  9. Stealing the wallet of a slaver in a city where if you’re caught stealing you may be sold into slavery.

The list could go on and on, really. However, I’m interested in hearing some of the stupidest ideas you’ve had in character–that have actually WORKED. Or at least had unintended hilarious results.