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This is a short story about the perils of chasing bad guys into public Starbucks bathrooms with an Obrimos Guardian of the Veil as your backup.

Well before a certain incident where Aenaiyah got smashed she and her cabal mate Argus were tailing a suspected Seer of the Throne who had hastily retreated from a press conference Damien had held. Argus and Aenaiyah followed the woman into one of the ten bajillion Starbucks in New York City, and saw that she was going into the ladies’ room. Argus stealthily became invisible and followed the Seer and Aenaiyah into the bathroom, only to find that it was empty.

Argus turned visible and used his magic to determine that the Seer had teleported out. They’re unable to follow, so Aenaiyah shrugs and says “All right then. Why don’t you turn invisible again an’ I’ll open the door an’ we can both leave.”

“No, two people went in, two people have to come out,” Argus says.

“Wait, what? You can’t just go out there! This is the ladies’!” Aenaiyah protests.

Argus shrugs, opens the door an waltzes out into a crowd of people standing by the door. Aenaiyah is utterly shocked by this. Then she realizes some of the people (including her cabal-mates) are clapping; others are staring at the two of them, scandalized.

This is when Aenaiyah realizes what happened.

Argus, being an Obrimos (Forces/Prime mage), has control over sound. He’d altered the sounds of conversation coming from the bathroom to sound like they’d been having . . . a rather good time inside. While Aenaiyah is usually all wordy bravado, this leaves her speechless. One little blue-haired granny shakes her head in disapproval and says “Slut!”

Before Aenaiyah can react to this, Granny shakes her head again and continues with, “Slut . . . I’m a stupid slut. . . .”

This confuses Aenaiyah more until she sees Damien, the Mastigos (Mind/Space mage) waving at her with a smile on his face as he tweaks with Granny’s brain.

Furiously embarrassed, Aenaiyah storms out of Starbucks while swearing to set her familiar Noel (affectionally nicknamed “Death Kitty” by the GM) on Argus, or at least have the cat hack up hairballs in his shoes.