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Occasionally, like all lazy smart GMs, I re-use scenarios I’ve run before. When it comes to running things like The Dramatic Roleplaying Tournament at RetCon I have the advantage of pulling from a pool of modules that I’ve already written AND modules my friend Jeff (who originated the tournament and runs it at Running Gagg every year) has written.

In this case, it was a module featuring a pretty dysfunctional family marrying off their daughter to a prominent General. Our cast of characters:

  • Kritsa, the Bride
  • Angela, Krista’s promiscuous older sister
  • Kristof, Krista’s brother, recently released from prison by the General
  • Goren, their father
  • Penelope, their mother
  • Chastity, Krista’s best friend and bridesmaid
  • Edward, a longtime friend of Krista’s
  • The General, our groom-to-be
  • Trent, Captain of the Guard, the General’s right hand man.
  • Pernicia, the wedding planner
  • A few other guests, who are not really pertinent to the story I will tell.

This cast was significantly cut down from when I played in the module, so I wasn’t entirely certain how the dynamics would work. The whole point of the module was these half of these people wanted the wedding to go off without a hitch and half of them wanted to destroy it. To give you a quick synopsis:

Goren was broke and had originally arranged for Krista and Edward to be married because Edward’s family had a lot of money. However, the General paid the family a visit, and he took a liking to Krista. Goren quickly engaged Krista to the General and arranged with Edward’s family for him to wed Angela (she was getting to be an “old maid” since no one wanted to marry her because she tended to sleep around).

Edward, who was madly in love with Krista, freaked out. Especially since he’d gotten a note confessing all sorts of love for him signed Kris. What he doesn’t realize is the rest of that signature was “tof” and it was Krista’s brother that was in love with him.

Angela was freaking out too. She thought she was going to get engaged to the General. After all, she’d had a tryst with him the evening before the engagement announcement. Goren refused to actually tell her who she was engaged to.

The General had a feeling that Angela might cause some trouble, so he put Trent in charge of watching her. Trent, of course, falls immediately in love with her. He also has to make sure he’s watching the crowd, because some people around might be trying to embarrass the General.

Chastity is your typical ditzy friend, Penelople your typical overbearing and controlling mother. Pernicia, the wedding planner is OCD, obsessive, and determined to keep the both of them from ruining Krista’s perfect day.

As for Krista. . . she’s really shallow and happy she’s marrying someone so powerful and that she has the best wedding planner in the country on her payroll.

One of the funniest things about this setup is that there are quite a few female characters in the story and, let’s face it, Role Playing still has a somewhat larger male player base than female one. I ran out of male characters pretty quickly. Pernicia and Angela were taken up by two (straight) guys. I’ll admit I was concerned (since those two PCs can move or kill a lot of the action) but my fears quickly dissolved when the guy playing angela shoved a couple of plastic cups down his shirts so he had “breasts” and as for Pernicia’s player . . . well, we’ll get to that.

I also new I was going to have a good time when the guys playing the General and Trent said to me “We’re gonna play these two like Zapp Brannigan and Kiff.”

Marital Snu Snu

Now, when I was a player (specifically: Angela) in the module, the General and Krista got married, Angel and Trent wound up engaged, and everyone was happy except for Edward, who got his heart broken.

At the end of this run Edward, Krista, Kristoff, and Trent were dead, Angela was going to be married to the General, and everyone else had been arrested.

To find out how and why, return this Thursday for “A Wedding or a Funeral? Part Two: A Killer Party.”