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‘Tis July, and for most people that means barbecues and fireworks. For me, it means that very soon I will be at one of my favorite cons: JeffCon.

JeffCon isn’t a con per se; you won’t ever find a website for it or a guest list. It’s a private little shindig that takes place one weekend every summer at my friend Jeff’s parents’ goddamn amazing lakehouse. There’s a maximum of 30 people there, all friends Jeff’s made from running games at other cons. I have been attending JeffCon since JeffCon III.

This year is extremely special: It’s JeffCon X!

Traditionally JeffCon starts of with a silly Friday night module which is basically an excuse to drink while in character. Previous Friday night modules have included:

  • A medieval version of The Bachelor.
  • A Star Trek module with characters from every series (yes, in the end it turned out were were all holodeck simulations–but there was a cellular peptide cake with mint frosting, so we couldn’t really get mad about it).

    Cellular Peptide Cake

    No, seriously, the yellow bits were mint frosting.

  • A Buffy the Vampire Slayer-based module (most of the PCs got turned into vampires, as our Slayer was, sadly, a noob Slayer).
  • A mash-up of Shakespearian canon; it ended in more tragedies than comedies.
  • A module based on James Bond movies, replete with double-entendre names.
  • A module where everyone was playing super-villains.

However, there could only be ONE possibility for the JeffCon X Friday night module:

The Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Senior Prom!

That’s right. In a few weeks, I’m going to go and goof around and pretend to be my favorite mutant, Rogue, at her senior prom; just that situation alone gives me a severe case of the fangirl giggles. I’m basing my rendition of her on X-Men: Evolution Rogue. A small, personal, non-character goal of mine is to see how many times we can orchestrate the “death” of the person playing Jean Grey. Also, I’ve made Jeff promise to watch the whole of X-Men: Evolution, so he can properly write a bunch of angsty teenage mutants.

This should be hilarious.