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Pardon this past Tuesday’s radio silence. Alas, real life sometimes steals me away from the wonderful voyages into sword-swinging and spell-casting.

Today’s post will, unfortunately, be a short one and something of an advertisement as well. You remember that module I’ve been ranting about–Glitch? Well, I’m going to not only get to run it at JeffCon, but I will be running it at Retcon. Which means YOU could play in the module! And if you pre-register before the end of the month, you get a discount. Also, there’s a kickoff part on the Friday before RetCon at Ravenblood Games, which is always a lot of fun.

Another thing: soon I hope to be adding a second author to this site. I’ll let you know when the details on that are concrete. Or, he may just post on Saturday. You know, whatever works.

Next week there will be more interesting antics posted! In the meantime, keep rolling 20s!