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It happens every year: I go to JeffCon, I retun from JeffCon feeling like I just went cross-country the wrong way and am flailing about in a coma. JeffCon is ALWAYS worth it, though.

This year, some highlights include:

X-Men Prom:

  • “So you’re what, another Jean Grey?” “No, my name is Madelyne Pryor!” “Sure, you were Madelyne prior to being Jean.”
  • “Your chaperones for prom this year are Emma Frost, Hank McCoy, Mr. Sabah Nur, Frank Castle, and Magneto. Have a good time!”
  • Franklin Richards running around changing reality willy-nilly.
  • “Charles, where are your pants?”
  • Jean Grey was played by a man in drag.
  • “Emma! I found my pants!” “Lovely, Charles. Now where is your shirt?” “My what?”
  • Every time I turned around, one of my friends had changed into a completely different costume (she started out looking like Pixie, then Boom-Boom, then Dominobecause, apparently she was playing Mystique.

The Starship Module:

  • Watching an alien grope the first officer of a spaceship, then getting propositioned by that same alien myself.
  • I got to play, essentially, the nerd every nerd would be if they suddenly found themselves on a “An honest-to-god, mother-frakking starship!”
  • Watching one of the GMs dying laughing as he realizes my character is whistling So Long and Thanks for all the Fish.
  • The entire cast of the module signing one of the theme songs of the module (Come Sail Away) before the game started.
  • One of the pilots (male) comes down to Engineering.
    Pilot: “Hey, you guys know Mia?”
    *General nods/mutters of confirmation.*
    Pilot: “And how many of you guys know Mia?”
    *My character keeps her hands down but a few of the engineering guys mutter/cough confirmation*
    Pilot: “Well, she’s acting completely delusional!”
    *We’re all really worried now; there’s a space-sickness that goes around and makes people delusional and violent.*
    Pilot: “I slept with her, and now all of a sudden she thinks we’re in a relationship or something!”
    *My character excuses herself while the guys in Engineering burst out into uproarious laughter.*
  • I have a session with the ship’s counselor. She asks my character if anything’s bothering me. I say I’m a little sad nobody’s getting my humor. She asks what I mean by that. I say “Well, for instance, I could ask you if you’re dating the first officer.” She gives me this mortified look. I quickly backtrack with “It’s just a bad joke! Seriously! I didn’t mean anything!” I find out after the module that she WANTED to be seeing the first officer, but she had JUST found out he was sleeping with someone else.

More highlights to come on Thursday . . .