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While a couple of my favorite modules have been serious stories, I feel I am much better at setting up comedic modules. Since I’ll be running the DRAMATIC ROLEPLAYING TOURNAMENT at RetCon, I’ll be reprising not only GLITCH, but a module I call SUPERNATURAL COUPLES’ THERAPY.

SUPERNATURAL COUPLES THERAPY (SNCT for short) is sort-of my knee-jerk reaction to things like TWILIGHT* and TRUE BLOOD*. I like my supernatural creatures to be dark, threatening, and–most importantly–they’d better not sparkle.

I thought it might be hilarious to parody these Supernatural Love Stories with the other side of love: Couples’ Therapy.

As for the couples, with a full cast (of thirteen characters) I have:

  • Dr. Quinn, the therapist.
  • Vic her assistant.
  • Eddie, a vampire (with a problematic ex-wife, Izzy).
  • Steffy, Eddie’s new girlfriend.
  • Tessa, a werewolf.
  • Beau, Tessa’s boyfriend, who wasn’t expecting his girlfriend to double as “Man’s best friend.”
  • Mike “Deva,” a fallen Angel.
  • Naomi, Mike’s Jewish girlfriend.
  • J.O. 131-B (“Jo”), a time traveler.
  • Lydia, Jo’s girlfriend.
  • Ella, a sweet girl.
  • Thomas, Ella’s boyfriend.
  • Sam, Ella’s fairy godparent.

And here’s the official poster for SNCT (yes, I’m aware of the typo).


Now, if you’ve paid attention to anything I’ve posted, you probably know there’s a twist or two to this story . . . but to find out, you’ll need to come play! 😀

I hope to see you at RetCon!

*Note how I didn’t link to either of these. I only link to things I have some respect for, even if it’s just a grudging respect.