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Short post today, as I am gearing up for RetCon this weekend. If you’ve read any of this blog at all, you know that I’ve ranted and raved about the Dramatic Roleplaying Tournament and DRT-style modules. I love it a lot; frankly, it’s my favorite style of roleplaying.

RetCon won’t have a full, three round tournament (two qualifiers and a final round)this year for space reasons. HOWEVER, what this means is I’ll simply give out prizes to the TOP ROLEPLAYERS IN BOTH MODULES I’M RUNNING. I have some cool stuff to give away, too, including the audiobooks of Ready Player One (as read by Wil Wheaton) and Robopocalypse, not to mention some packs of Munchkin Reloaded and more!

Whether or not you’re going to make it to RetCon this weekend, I feel an obligation to direct my fellow gamers to the Reaper Bones Minis Kickstarter. If you like minis for your dungeon, or if you’ve ever WANTED to start collection minis, then is this kickstarter for you. For a $100 pledge so far you’re getting over 210 minis, and the number KEEPS GROWING. Not to mention you can keep their exclusive, Metal Sophie mascot, or you can ditch her for $25 in bonus sets. The Kickstarter is in its final days, so pledge quickly!

I hope to see you at RetCon and if not, Happy Gaming anyway!