In the Midst of Module Prep


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As you can probably tell from my various posts about DRT-Style modules (including A Wedding or a Funeral and BLOOD FEUD!) running one of these modules is distinctly different than running a tabletop game. Tabletop games are a LOT of work. DRT-Style games are a also lot of work . . . but it’s not the same sort of work.

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Pardon Me. . . .


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Pardon this past Tuesday’s radio silence. Alas, real life sometimes steals me away from the wonderful voyages into sword-swinging and spell-casting.

Today’s post will, unfortunately, be a short one and something of an advertisement as well. You remember that module I’ve been ranting about–Glitch? Well, I’m going to not only get to run it at JeffCon, but I will be running it at Retcon. Which means YOU could play in the module! And if you pre-register before the end of the month, you get a discount. Also, there’s a kickoff part on the Friday before RetCon at Ravenblood Games, which is always a lot of fun.

Another thing: soon I hope to be adding a second author to this site. I’ll let you know when the details on that are concrete. Or, he may just post on Saturday. You know, whatever works.

Next week there will be more interesting antics posted! In the meantime, keep rolling 20s!

GLITCH Character Portraits #1


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If you follow me on Twitter (@CFcreative) and read JeffCon July! you may have picked up that I’ve been working on a module I refer to as Glitch for JeffCon. While I can’t go into too many details (as potential players can see this), I can share with you some of the character portraits I’ve been working on. So, without furter ado, 4/16 Glitch characters:

Character #1

Character #2

Character #3
Character #4

Next week I hope to have more to share with you.

JeffCon July!


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‘Tis July, and for most people that means barbecues and fireworks. For me, it means that very soon I will be at one of my favorite cons: JeffCon.

JeffCon isn’t a con per se; you won’t ever find a website for it or a guest list. It’s a private little shindig that takes place one weekend every summer at my friend Jeff’s parents’ goddamn amazing lakehouse. There’s a maximum of 30 people there, all friends Jeff’s made from running games at other cons. I have been attending JeffCon since JeffCon III.

This year is extremely special: It’s JeffCon X!

Traditionally JeffCon starts of with a silly Friday night module which is basically an excuse to drink while in character. Previous Friday night modules have included:

  • A medieval version of The Bachelor.
  • A Star Trek module with characters from every series (yes, in the end it turned out were were all holodeck simulations–but there was a cellular peptide cake with mint frosting, so we couldn’t really get mad about it).

    Cellular Peptide Cake

    No, seriously, the yellow bits were mint frosting.

  • A Buffy the Vampire Slayer-based module (most of the PCs got turned into vampires, as our Slayer was, sadly, a noob Slayer).
  • A mash-up of Shakespearian canon; it ended in more tragedies than comedies.
  • A module based on James Bond movies, replete with double-entendre names.
  • A module where everyone was playing super-villains.

However, there could only be ONE possibility for the JeffCon X Friday night module:

The Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Senior Prom!

That’s right. In a few weeks, I’m going to go and goof around and pretend to be my favorite mutant, Rogue, at her senior prom; just that situation alone gives me a severe case of the fangirl giggles. I’m basing my rendition of her on X-Men: Evolution Rogue. A small, personal, non-character goal of mine is to see how many times we can orchestrate the “death” of the person playing Jean Grey. Also, I’ve made Jeff promise to watch the whole of X-Men: Evolution, so he can properly write a bunch of angsty teenage mutants.

This should be hilarious.

GM Appreciation


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No funny story today, folks, instead, a little bit of mourning. One of my games has been canceled abruptly, and the whole fiasco that caused this could have been avoided.

There’s always been a sort of tension around the table at this game, for multiple reasons:

  1. The GM has highly altered the rules in some places.
  2. The GM is of the sort that really likes to tell a story (whereas some of the players are more hack ‘n’ slash. Personally? I love the story).
  3. There have been clashes over rules that HAVEN’T been changed by the GM because he’s using a dungeon set up for an older version of the system we’re playing in, and a LOT of stuff is different between then and now.

Now, you may be saying “This is an odd post to be calling GM Appreciation, it sounds an awful lot like you’re just complaining about the way the guy ran the game,” but that’s kinda my point. I had a great deal of fun with this game. I let the GM know it. Not, probably, as frequently as I could, but I did.

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A Wedding or a Funeral? Part Two: A Killer Party


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While it’s true that being fashionably late to a party is traditional, if you haven’t read Strange Bedfellows go back and do so now, as it features the guest list.

When I’d been a player in this module the lady playing Pernicia spontaneously decided mid-module that the bride’s dress was missing–and this got a lot of characters worked up. I stole that idea for this run. I thought that, as the GM/NPCs, I would have to come up with all sorts of things to go wrong during the wedding planning. Boy, was I mistaken. . . .

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A Wedding or a Funeral? Part One: Strange Bedfellows


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Occasionally, like all lazy smart GMs, I re-use scenarios I’ve run before. When it comes to running things like The Dramatic Roleplaying Tournament at RetCon I have the advantage of pulling from a pool of modules that I’ve already written AND modules my friend Jeff (who originated the tournament and runs it at Running Gagg every year) has written.

In this case, it was a module featuring a pretty dysfunctional family marrying off their daughter to a prominent General. Our cast of characters:

  • Kritsa, the Bride
  • Angela, Krista’s promiscuous older sister
  • Kristof, Krista’s brother, recently released from prison by the General
  • Goren, their father
  • Penelope, their mother
  • Chastity, Krista’s best friend and bridesmaid
  • Edward, a longtime friend of Krista’s
  • The General, our groom-to-be
  • Trent, Captain of the Guard, the General’s right hand man.
  • Pernicia, the wedding planner
  • A few other guests, who are not really pertinent to the story I will tell.

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Improv Costuming


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I don’t often dress up for RPGs, but when I do, it’s for some entertaining reason. One time I had just recently acquired an awesome steampunk belt and managed to justify it as “appropriate” for a zombie apocalypse* in a fantasy setting. I mean, really, who WOULDN’T make any excuse to wear this thing?

The Steampunk Belt

(For those wondering, I got this off of Etsy from a seller called “Jungletribe.”)

Another time I got my character sheet, read through it, and started mussing my hair and tearing up tiny little pieces of paper and sticking them on my head. People were confused. The GM was even a little confused–she had given me a character who had been cursed with extremely bad luck (the character didn’t realize she was actually cursed), but couldn’t figure out for the life of her what I was doing.

When we  started, and my character stumbled into the bar where the scene was taking place, I stared at the patrons/PCs already there with wild eyes and said, “My god, you people have some particularly aggressive pigeons around here! Is there anyplace I can was the crap out of my hair?”

Cue everyone trying to hold in their laughter and not break character.

*Actually, they were crazy people, not zombies, and it only lasted for 6 months. . . .

Mr. Welch, I Salute You!


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Because it’s been a rather hectic week for me, today’s post is rather simple. For your entertainment, I present to you:

The 2050 Things Mr. Welch Can No Longer Do During a RPG

I find it amusing to try and guess what games he’s been playing.

Additionally, I’d like to give you a little preview of the latest Dramatic Roleplaying Tournament style module I’ve been working on, so here’s the teaser:

You know that guy that held up the bank the other day? The one who shot the prominent judge during the robbery? They say he was one of those Grams, the whole point was to kill the judge and blame it on a crazy guy. A friend of mine knows somebody who was there, said the robber was showing an obvious Glitch—he had to touch anything blue he saw. That’s how they got him, you know. Someone threw a blue bandanna on the floor, and the police shot him twenty times when he bent down to touch it.

What? Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Grams! You know, people whose Neonet implants actually rewire their brains? They’re covert operatives who don’t know they’re programmed until they hear the command phrase. Only way you can tell them apart from normal folk is they always have a Glitch: some sort of weird compulsion they have to follow no matter what. . . . That’s how the secret New World Order is controlling everything—by hacking directly into our brains.

Stop laughing! I’m being serious! Anything you say could be a trigger for someone to–why. . . why are you pointing that at me?

That’s all from me for now!